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GoALL in Forit

Brian I wish for you to find what it is you need.

Your hand ICON suggests a want of your Origins, When our Hominin ancestors' artistically began painting the walls of caves

I envision your hand against a cave wall with red ochre spat upon it, creating your imprint in time.

Hear the creative ramblings of

our ancestors' beat on a hollow log, the musical tones of their bow strings and their own guttural cries and moans.

Let your inner artistic being go back, back 20yrs to ghu, back 64,000 years when you put your hand on that cave wall.

Revisit the music & words of your 20 something mind. You could find inspiration there.

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Sorry I haven't commented in a while.. been sick and even tho our air quality is excellent i have COPD and sometimes find just even walking difficult...Would love to finish reading this when I feel better, Brian. Love to you on this Valentines day.

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