I love your newsletters ❤️ - Good morning from Puerto Rico.

I understand what you share about “identification”. I also think is just part of our human experience and have it’s functionality.

I believe that asking the question of “Would I still want to do this when no one is watching?” Is very important to build a life and a human experience in coherence with our authentic self.

But, I still believe is ok to enjoy the other side of our human experience and play with it.

Meaning, in my Substack “About me” I wrote “I don’t want to be seen as an expert”, which if you think about is an identity I’m creating or projecting in a very specific way - but, that I truly believe is in integrity with who I believe I am and in coherence with the way I want to approach this online space.

At the same time I see the dead of our identities (or ego) as the end process of our human experience - meaning the dead of our physical bodies. (I’m a spiritual person). So, I try - try I’d a very important word here 😅 - to be in coherence with my “true” self - meaning des conditioning my self from what I learn from society, trauma etc - but at the same time I see my human experience as a error and try journey and I also try to embrace that way. If that makes any sense at all 😂

The more I live and I learn the more I can “come back” to my authentic self and can create a human experience with what I feel is in integrity.

Does that make sense to you?

Did I understand what you wrote about? Please let me know. (Like I mention before English is my second language).

Anyway, thank you for sharing this and I really enjoy your last essay where you talk the rite of passage using Fight Club as a reference.

Have a great day/night? 😅


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