In my view one of the best ways to uncover bullshit is to write it or speak it and then through your observership of the response from others to your thoughts, ideas, words, dancing and prancing, you are more clearly able to see what was true and what was meh and then you let it go to focus on what has deeper meaning for you. I find it impossible to trust my own mind to understand what is BS and what is not

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As usual, Brian, I appreciate the depth with which you explore this idea.

It is such an interesting thing that we are somewhat unable to seperate ourselves from the bullshit we don’t want to show the world and, most of the time, don’t want to look at ourselves.

I thought this line was laden with poignancy: “The best we can do, I think, is to act both in awareness of and in spite of our bullshit” — great words.

Thanks for making me think, Brian.

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