Great read, Brian.

Your story of getting a backstage viewing of one Dax’s songs, was awesome - and I imagine it must have been an incredible experience.

I also loved what you wrote just after that bit:

“We all have things that others don’t. And we all lack things that others have. And almost all of the best things that we have start from the things that we lack. That’s life. For all of us. We are all but one in the conjoined series of comedies, tragedies, and poems happening here now.” — wonderfully said.

I also really liked these lines:

“Life is unfair and people are fallible and memories are fictions. And who knows if even my memory serves?” — this thought about our memories gets me all the time! I mean, I can never know if the memories of what I call my life are even close to correct.

“I met a man with wet and clammy palms who introduced himself as Michael Jackson. He was very nice to me and never explicitly claimed to be the singer Michael Jackson. But it was pretty clear to me that he thought he was, and also that he wasn’t.” — this is amazing! And it reminded me of that Simpson’s episode when Bart meets that guy who pretends to be Michael Jackson.

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