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At home, medical D9 has been available for a few years and recreational D9 has recently been legalized over by me. My physical condition 🚫 prohibits me from physically visiting a dispensary. I have found D8 which is legal nationally with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. Have been able to get D8 CBD GUMMIES CHOCOLATES BUDS. D8 IS VERY MMILD. You don't get the head rush as with D9 & thus the mind expanding and paranoia like feelings. The body rush with the D8+CDBs is effective in reducing my inflammations in my spine and "JOINTS".

Happy Thanksgiving

If folks have head issues with D9 all I'm say is D8 is much less potent than D9.

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Yes LOVE Dude Mrs Leli understands love and loved you with her warm response to your "trip".

Love Cactus

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