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Sep 13, 2023·edited Sep 13, 2023Liked by Brian Leli

This was great Brian, I have a feeling that I’m gonna be thinking over the ideas in this piece for a while.

These lines, below, were especially thought provoking, and I must say very well-written as well.

“Maybe we're not the ones telling the stories at all. Maybe it's the other way around. Maybe the stories are telling us.”

“Maybe timeless isn't when something goes unaffected by the passage of time, but rather when it seems deeply affected by it, so much so that it seems not to be.”

“ Modernity is a stimulant. But it’s also a sedative. It’s pornography. But it’s also the closest thing we have to decency. It’s enriching. But it’s also depleting. It’s a material luxury. But it’s also a spiritual poverty. It’s our map to everything in life. But it’s also what makes us want to turn life off. It’s the Tree of Knowledge. But it’s also a man, woman, and snake.”

Thanks Brian.

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