Who am I?

My name is Brian Leli. I’m a writer from the American Midwest, currently living in northern Thailand. Before moving here for the second time in 2017, I spent a total of around three years living in England, Colombia, and Cambodia. My professional background is in journalism, teaching, and design. I currently work for a nonprofit media org. When I’m not working or writing, most of my energy goes to my wife and family; my meditation, breathwork, yoga, and running practices; and my interests in evolutionary psychology/biology, human nature, and the workings of the mind.

You can email me at sirbrianleli@gmail.com.

What is this?

Symbols & Rituals is a running meditation on life in a mind and society. Here you will find personal essays that explore human behavior, the relationship between the individual and the group, and the symbols and rituals we use to imbue meaning in our lives.

You will also find meandering explorations into the spiritual poverty that I think afflicts many modern humans and societies. Meandering because I’m looking for solutions, or at least explanations, and I don’t know how to find them without walking into the problem and then just wandering around in it.

My goal, insofar as I have one, is to help alleviate our psychic hunger by writing in opposition to it. In other words, to bring about spiritual nourishment through my writing. Not in a light, vacuous, motivational-Instagram way. But in a more meaningful way, one that explores the heights and depths of the human condition soberly and in equal measure. This is where I find purpose and how I think I am able to bring value to others. My broad vision for both my writing and the future involves an emphasis on developing more mindful and resilient individuals and more enriching and fulfilling groups.

For more about who I am and what this is, see the essays below:

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Meditations on life in a mind and society


Brian Leli

I’m a writer from the American Midwest, currently living in northern Thailand. I write about the mind and society at Symbols & Rituals.