Who am I? What is this?

I daydreamed that I was AA Bondy. No, I wasn’t Bondy. I was me. And I was sitting on the floor of a cabin deep in the woods, watching Bondy, who was playing a piano and singing his song “On the Moon.” The song was an old shoebox that you bury in the dirt to rid yourself of things, then dig up again to rid yourself of more. It was night and the cabin was lit only by candles. When Bondy reached the end of the song, there was this long silence as he looked down at the keys and waited in peace for the ghosts to finish careening out of him. Or maybe this was me again, looking down at the floor and imagining I was Bondy looking down at the keys, and then the ghosts and whatnot. In any event, after the long, retreating silence, Bondy turned to me and said, “I guess you could say I’m a perpetual shadowboxer. All these fights. But no wins or losses to speak of.” And I think this is why I thought I was him at first.

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